The River, the Kettle, and the Bird: A Torah Guide to a Successful Marriage

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The River, the Kettle and the Bird

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  • Author: Aharon Feldman

The River, the Kettle and the Bird: These three things symbolize three possible levels of peaceful relationships in marriage. In this world acclaimed best-seller, the author, a prominent Rosh Yeshiva, utilizes classic Torah concepts to gain startling insights into the human psyche and to propose fundamental guidelines to deal with problem areas of married life. This powerful volume addresses openly and clearly questions such as: What is true love? How does one handle anger and frustration? How can domestic strife be lessened and ultimately eliminated?

This book – for newly engaged and wed as well as for those married for decades – will not only guide readers to a successful marriage, but to joyous living in general.

A wonderful book combining practical human behavior and understanding with Jewish law. Provided a very clear understanding of how to resolve issues in order to develop a healthy, loving, empowering marriage. Highly recommend it even if your not Jewish
People tend to be kinder to strangers, colleagues or friends than to their spouses! This books shows how speaking in a gentle, sincere manner will only enhance a relationship. It's written for men but women can certainly use the advice to speak to their husbands respectfully, as well.
This is a well written book that addresses many marriages. It is written for a Jewish marriage but other faiths can find it very useful. As a woman, I found it enjoyable and enlighting. After 20+ years of marriage it held many truths. It is written for a man but any woman can easily apply the same principals in reverse. A MUST for all to read!
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