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In Yeshivish and Litvish circles, there appear to be many girls that are getting older in Shidduch years without getting married. Rabbis and community members have rallied together to try and solve the issue if their being many more girls that boys who are looking for shidduchim at all times. The current probable cause is pointing to a combination of: boys starting to date a few years later than girls. boys dating girls a few years younger than them. the population growth. This lack of potential marriage partners for the girls has left many of them single.
Gershon Barnett at the Torah Umsorah Convention
Yisroel Lichtenstein demonstrates how the age gap cannot fix itself.
A Kol Koreh (Rabbinical Proclamation) was signed by 90 Rabbonim encouraging bochurim to start Shidduch Dating at age 21.
The current proposed solution to eliminate the age gap is for boys to start dating younger. AMI magazine interviewed Roshei Yeshiva and other prominent community figures about their initiative for bochurim to start dating at age 21. Click the image to view the article


  • Parents of boys that are reaching or over the age of 21, start getting them involved in shidduchim.
  • Shadchanim: Start suggesting Shidduchim for eligable boys who have reached the age of 21 instead of waiting.
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