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"The Magic Touch - A Jewish Approach to Relationships" by Gila Manolson

There’s more to touching than most of us realize. In this frank, eye-opening book, an experienced teacher from the Discovery Seminar offers the thought-provoking Jewish perspective on this subject. Entertaining and enlightening, this work clarifies one of the least understood areas of Jewish law.

Well written and fun to read. Extremely informative. It gives interesting personable stories that give new perspectives from a side that isn't often heard in today's media/culture.
For anyone who has been, is, or will be in a relationship (that's everyone) this book is a must read. Gila Manolson writes with humor, but without under-estimating the importance of the subject.
I love this book! It is totally logical (doesn't really discuss the Jewish laws on touch) and gives you a whole new great perspective on the power of touch especially if you are how I was and didn't see any big deal in touch. It really speaks to you on an one on one level and is supper easy to read and understand. I also love her other book Outside Inside. They are just as amazing! I would recommend these books for Jews and Non-Jews alike. It really is a great read!
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