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The Shidduch Group Network is dedicated to the frum community and believes more needs to be done to help our Jewish singles find their bashert.  The founders are committed to providing educational and networking opportunities leading to successful matchmaking based upon Torah values and the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.   Dedicated to establishing and supporting more chapters, growing our network and offering educational programs, conferences, publications and training for parents, coaches and matchmakers.  Members are comprised of parents, friends, teachers, shluchim, rabbis, coaches, and matchmakers (as well as singles searching for their own bashert).  We offer best practices and practical solutions to those involved with Jewish singles searching for their life partner.   Our proven formula has resulted in hundreds of engagements. We invite you to join us.  Become part of the local chapter in your city or contact us about starting a chapter today. 


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  • Chaim Lowenstein

    Interested in getting involved. Where is the closest chapter to Boro Park?

  • Gila Giberstien

    I would like to join & or get updates & info on the shidduch project including try to help.
    Thank you.

  • Sara s

    What ages do you deal with? Anything for those 60#?

  • Kate Hay

    Do you work with non- Chabad frum Jews?

    Many thanks,
    [email protected]

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