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  • Couples gather their friend’s shidduch information at their wedding.
  • A box is set up at the wedding so friends of the chosson and kallah can submit their shidduch information.
  • A representative from Shidduch in a Box does all the work so the couple can focus on the simcha.
  • After the wedding the newlyweds use the information to set their friends up.


  • Friends help their friends.
  • Jews find their soul mates.
  • The Jewish nation is strengthened, and everyone is happy.


Praise for Shidduch in a Box

“Everyone is aware of the “Shidduch Crisis”…and this is one effective way to provide a proper method to alleviate the crises and turn heartache to joy for many people.  Please give your support to this project in any way you can.”

– Rabbi Zev Leff, Rabbi of Moshav Matityahu and Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedola Matityahu

“How many times do we say, “Someone should do something!” about the situation with Jewish singles? Many singles don’t even get suggestions for dates.   Shidduch in a box is an idea that deserves a try. Ultimately Hashem makes shidduchim – but we can be to participate in this holy work. If one zocheshidduch is made from all of our efforts, it was well worth it.”

– Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, lecturer at Yeshivat Ohr Somayach, Darchei Binah Seminary, Neve Yerushalayim Seminary, and world-renowned lecturer and educator.

“An ingenious idea! The Shidduch in a Box program is a wonderful way to do the chessed of bringing couples together. Who knows a good match better than the Chatan and Kalla using the guest list to their own wedding.”

– Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, Lecturer at Aish Hatorah, Jerusalem.

“Shidduch In A Box has the component of bringing the more personal touch into the shidduch process…Let us try and give as much support to Shidduch In A Box as we can. This idea can work and will work.”

– Rabbi Boruch Smith, co-founder and principal  of Michlelet Esther Seminary, and lecturer at Neve Yerushalayim Seminary in Jerusalem.

“For years I have been pestering and pressuring young married couples to think about their unmarried friends. They are uniquely placed to help them…and can assist thier search for a zivug in a nonthreatening and friendly way…
Become a partner in creation and in the bringing of the geulah…”

– Rabbi Menachem Nissel, author of Rigshei Lev and Jerusalem Jems, and world-renowned lecturer and educator.

“A great idea…anything that can be done to facilitate kosher marriage partnering is a big mitzva these days.”

– Rabbi Mordechai Greenfield, The Matrix Rabbi

“Great idea – it sounds like it will bring good Jews together – it’s a great thing you’re doing as it seems like it’s harder and harder for Jews to meet up. Keep up the great work and keep the faith – bring the Jews together!”

– Etan G, The Jewish Rapper

“This is one of those great ideas that we all should have come up with a long time ago. G-d willing, Shidduch in A Box will be a fulfillment of the teaching, “One mitzvah brings on another mitzvah”.

– Rabbi Eli Deutsch, author of The Trees in the Forest, and Human by Choice.


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